About Me

I have been repairing the Playstation 3 for friends and family, as well as trying to keep the cost of having a PS3 to a minimum. Rather than buying new I tend to buy the faulty goods and bring them back to life for personal use.

Forget the yellow light of death, I stuck with the faulty laser machines and the majority of them were fixable without the need to buy new or replacement parts.

I am now looking to help those frustrated and committed PS3 fans keep the cost of owning this console down and help keep cash in your pocket rather than putting it into Sony's purse.

I have personally owned 5 Playstation 3's that died a death due to faults that Sony should be addressing, and will do if your willing to shell out £150.

Anyway, I hope you find my postings useful, if anyone would like to add comments about the pages that have been uploaded or if you simply have any discrepancies about the information contained within them then please feel free to contact me :)