Thursday, 1 September 2011

Playstation 3 Blu-Ray KES 400A Fix for freezing and not loading games

Here is the continuation of my previous post for those playstation 3 users that suffer with laser problems. The guide is meant for you to try before you have buy a new hardware, no one wants to spend that kind of money unless they really have too.

If you didn't catch the previous post about how to successfully test your laser the following link to discover  how to TEST YOUR LASER :)

What you will need:
  • Low wattage soldering iron (20 -30w)
  • No clean Liquid Flux
  • Cotton bud
  • Your faulty KES 400A  (single lens) 
OK, so your ready to give your laser a new lease of life?

Step 1.
Take your KES 400A and locate the diode, if you are unsure how to locate the diode then see the image below, although i recommend you view my previous post first.  Also allow your soldering iron to warm up with a flat or square soldering tip, the tip should be small enough for you to work on each joint easily.

Step 2.
Open up your Liquid flux and dip the cotton bud, shake of any excess drips to avoid creating a mess.

Step 3.
Coat the diode anodes at the solder points with the liquid flux, you should see five of the solder joints all pretty close together.

Step 4.
Once your soldering iron has heated up, with a fine tip or square  soldering tip you need to touch each anode joint until the solder re-flows (liquefies and re-hardens).  You will need to do this for all 5 solder points.

Step 5.
Once you have successfully re-flowed the 5 joints you need to insert the laser back into your blu-ray drive for testing.

Step 6.
Switch on the console and try loading a game or blu-ray movie, hopefully you should be successful and be able to play you beloved PS3 again.
Here is a video showing what you need to do with the above steps, apolgies if the quality isn't the best, this was due to my HD camera not working so I had to substitute for the crappy laptop web cam,

Playstation 3 Laser Testing Guide (KES 400A)

I have found little or sketchy information about how we can test and repair a faulty laser, so I have decided to write a small blog which should be easy pretty straight forward for even the beginners, some of you may already know this information, some wont, this is for those that don't. Please be cautious and only try this if you are confident about performing such a task, read on and learn How to fix a Playstation3 laser.

Has your Playstation 3 stopped reading discs or freezing during game play? You may actually be able to revive your harware without the need to keep continously purchasing PS3 related hardware over and over again due to the high failure rate nowadays (not as bad as the xbox i might add), all this can be done with basic tools commonly found within your electrical tool box. Check out my guides which may resurrect that laser and enable you to get considerably more life out of what seems dead technology.

I have 2-3 years experience of fixing faulty lasers (presumed dead), please read on and find out how to repair your playstation laser.

What you will need:
  • 9V battery (the cheapest ones are the best, I recommend the Panasonic pictured on the right)
  • 9V battery adapter as pictured below OR two small individual wires (Standard grade speaker wire will do)
  • Your PS3 Laser :) 
How you find out its really faulty:
I have found from experience, about 4 in 10 lasers can actually be repaired.

Step 1. Strip back your wires about 2-3cm on one side, and about 1/2 a cm on the other ends. or alternatively a better option is to get yourself a 9V battery adapter pictured below.