Thursday, 1 September 2011

Playstation 3 Blu-Ray KES 400A Fix for freezing and not loading games

Here is the continuation of my previous post for those playstation 3 users that suffer with laser problems. The guide is meant for you to try before you have buy a new hardware, no one wants to spend that kind of money unless they really have too.

If you didn't catch the previous post about how to successfully test your laser the following link to discover  how to TEST YOUR LASER :)

What you will need:
  • Low wattage soldering iron (20 -30w)
  • No clean Liquid Flux
  • Cotton bud
  • Your faulty KES 400A  (single lens) 
OK, so your ready to give your laser a new lease of life?

Step 1.
Take your KES 400A and locate the diode, if you are unsure how to locate the diode then see the image below, although i recommend you view my previous post first.  Also allow your soldering iron to warm up with a flat or square soldering tip, the tip should be small enough for you to work on each joint easily.

Step 2.
Open up your Liquid flux and dip the cotton bud, shake of any excess drips to avoid creating a mess.

Step 3.
Coat the diode anodes at the solder points with the liquid flux, you should see five of the solder joints all pretty close together.

Step 4.
Once your soldering iron has heated up, with a fine tip or square  soldering tip you need to touch each anode joint until the solder re-flows (liquefies and re-hardens).  You will need to do this for all 5 solder points.

Step 5.
Once you have successfully re-flowed the 5 joints you need to insert the laser back into your blu-ray drive for testing.

Step 6.
Switch on the console and try loading a game or blu-ray movie, hopefully you should be successful and be able to play you beloved PS3 again.
Here is a video showing what you need to do with the above steps, apolgies if the quality isn't the best, this was due to my HD camera not working so I had to substitute for the crappy laptop web cam,


  1. Thanks for this info, I've only tried one laser with this approach and haven't had a change however I did not test with a battery yet.

    It makes sense that the lead free solder points aren't the best quality and I'll try removing and applying some leaded solder to see if that makes a difference as well.

    I'm hoping this method is at least somewhat useful for salvaging lasers since finding the older drives in good condition is always becoming more difficult.

  2. Hi wudokai,

    you wrote about an issue regarding the hdd-cannot start, correct hard disk was not found- at the ps3 community (http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/Technical-Help/PS3-internal-HDD-has-no-power/td-p/12258289) some time ago..

    I´m having the same issue now with no chance of getting to the recovery menue..did you fix yours?
    please please let me know if you could give me a tip or two ! according to the technician who is working on my ps3, the fault lies not with the hdd but he has no clue how to proceed with repairs, seems like swapping the hdd did not help at all. hard disk driver damaged? here is hoping you can help somehow..

    thx in advance!

  3. Thank You
    I fixed my PS3 with this guide :D

  4. Will this also work for the kes 850a or no?

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